Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone [me, myself and Vinay ;)] a Happy New Year. Hope we realize all our dreams and even more. Okay, I give up. I am not such an eloquent writer. I spent the New Year eve in a pretty unusual [for me] way. I was at a bar/club called the “W”. I usually spend New Year’ eve with family or with friends watching fireworks. This was a different experience. It was strange to be standing in the middle of strangers and yelling “Happy New Year” to myself :). I think I will stick with the fireworks next time.


And just when you think that blogging is the coolest thing in the world, Fotologgin [That is a word made up by me] comes along. I came upon this site by chance and one of the most interesting fotolog was about food.. The author apparently posts every meal he eats. I was not only fascinated by the subject but also by the artistic talent. Worth checking out..


Time to celebrate yet another Indian Festival :). Didn’t I already say that we have way too many festivals :). Wish you a Happy Diwali. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. This is one of my favourite festivals mainly because you get to play with fireworks all night.

I made it..

I forgot to post it yesterday, but I finally made it across my 1.5 mile barrier :). Yesterday night [or to be precise today morning] at ~1:30AM I had a strange urge to run. And run I did like Forest Gump ;). I was able to jog for 2 miles without a rest!! I don’t know if it was the cool night or the empty beach that did it. I hope I will be able to finish a real marathon someday.


I have always been a bookworm. But due to lack of time because of a crazy work schedule, I haven’t had a lot of time to read anything interesting recently. Luckily, a request from one of my cousins made me go back to the library. I have been looking at some interesting books. The topic in general is “Media Manipulation”. It is amazing how much the news, events around us are manipulated. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but come on let us be frank. The news that we watch/read everyday is not objective. Before it was very subtle, but good ol’ Fox has taken it a whole new level.

I also finished reading the new book by Michael Moore Dude, where’s my country?. I read his previous book “Stupid white men” too. Some of the information he reveals in the book is amazing. I do agree with him on a lot of topics, but he takes it to a whole new level with his “hate” of Bush :). I strongly recommend reading this, if you are in the US.

It's been a while

Let’s blame it on running :). You see, I try to run regularly. I have improved from nothing to ~1.5 miles now. And I found that everyday I run, I am more consious of my health [I guess because you realize how painful it is to loose those extra inches 😉 ], I watch what I eat and I even try to clean up my room (!!!). So for the last week or so I haven’t been running. I have been putting it off by saying.. there is always tomorrow. I finally got my lazy a$%# off the couch and went running today. So here I am, your ever faithful :).

Well..a lot has happened in the last week. The Cubs have turned from heros to loosers. If any of you watched the 7th game, I pity you :). I didn’t even have the heart to watch the game. I was too nervous. And then there was the whole fiasco in the 6th game with the fan who tried to catch a ball as a sovenier. I feel so sorry for that guy. It is amazing how many details of this personal life have been released into the public. He should seriously consider leaving the city :).


And another great show by the CUBs :). One more game and we make it to the world series. It is so close guys, don’t screw this up :).

What a day, What a game, What an election

If anyone watched the Cubs vs. Marlins game today, you will understand what I mean :). I was on a company wide conference call and watching the game at the same time. I couldn’t control my emotions when Sammy hit a homer, and made the score even in the 8th inning, I jumped up with joy. The CEO and VP were like “Huh.. and we hired this guy!!” :). But all that effort didn’t help us. In the end, it was a Marlins victory. And across the country, an actor becomes the new Governor of California. Where is this country going to? Hope Clark will make it out in the 2004 presidential election. Looks like the one with the biggest war chest wins elections nowadays rather than people with genuine public interest. But I am an optimist :). As they say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings [or something to that effect].


Yeah baby.. The Cubs are in the playoffs. I wish I was in Chicago to celebrate this event. For the last 3 years that I was in Chicago, each of the sports team [Cubs | Bulls | Bears] showed promise at the beginning of the season and then fizzled away!! This is one of the most exciting sporting event that I have seen in my life. I was glued to the TV all the time. Especially in the 8th inning when Baker decided to bench Kerry. I was like..what the hell is this guy doing. But I guess he knew what to do. Thats why he is making the BIG $$$$$$ and I am slaving away in Hawaii. Not that I am complaining. THE CUBS RULE :).

Me: The Helpdesk Monkey

Customer: I am facing packet loss

Me: I am sorry to hear that. Can I get your circuit ID please

Customer: xxxxx

Me: Sir, I see that you are using ~490kbps on a 512kbps link. Hmm..you are going to have some packet loss depending on your usage.

Customer: What!!! You think I don’t know anything. I have been in this business for 8 years. I have tens of links. The other provider never has problems. You are shaving me off on 10kbps.

Me: ?? ?? ??

I love being the helpdesk monkey :).

Moral: Doesn’t anyone know that “raw datarate, doesn’t take into account data framing or encoding” of the TCP/IP stack.