Today being Father’s day, some reflections on fatherhood. I think people go through different stages on how they view their dad.

Admiration ( 0 – teen years) : Your dad is a superhero. He can lift you up (just imagine another human being able to lift you up, throw you in the air and then catch you safely :-).. mindblowing!!). He can apparently conjure ice cream at will. You feel safe in his embrace. He is superman!

Respect (teen – having a kid of their own) : By the time you are in your teens, you are probably stronger than your dad :). Your admiration turns to respect. Your dad is the guy that is always their despite not getting anything in return.

Love (After having kids of their own) : You understand what it means to be responsible for another human being!! All that admiration and respect turns to love ❤️

Parenthood means..

  • Not hesitating for a moment to put your nose near someone’ arse to check if they pooped
  • Thinking it is cute when someone pees in your bed
  • Taking food that someone else spits out and finishing it off without hesitating for a second

Some of the joys I got to experience in the last two years raising our Son :).

And yes.. a whole lot of new found respect for my parents.

Virat Kudithipudi

New year… new addition to the family :).

Virat Kudithipudi, was born on 1/9/2012 at 22:22.

We went through a lot at the end of the pregnancy. First Jhanvi got shingles and then I contracted chickenpox from her. At one point, I didn’t even know if I would be able to be at his delivery. But thankfully everything worked out and I was cured by the time, Virat decided to arrive on planet earth. When the pediatrician checked him the day after his birth and announced that he was perfectly “healthy”, I chocked up. I understand you better now mom :)..

BTW.. if you didn’t get chickenpox as a kid.. run to the drugstore and get vaccinated for it. You don’t want to go through what I went 🙂

Welcome to the world kiddo..

Virat Kudithipudi

Collection of pictures of the first few days..

Celebrating Ugadhi

Jhanvi and I visited India in April and were lucky to celebrate Ugadhi with our family back home. Ugadhi is the an important festival in South India and is essentially the celebration of the begenning of a new year (yep.. new year in April 🙂 ). One of the specialities of Ugadhi in Andhra Pradesh is something called “Ugadhi Pachadi”. It is a mixture of 6 ingredients (Neem Flower, Jaggery, Red Pepper, Green Mango, Salt and Tamarind) which designate the different “tastes” of life (bitter, sweet, hot, salty, tangy etc).

I haven’t been able to celebrate Ugadhi with my family for more than 10 years. So it was a special occasion. And mom went all the way to make it even more memorable. Here are some pictures.

Hanging Mango Leaves


Ugadhi Pachadi : Ingredients

Ugadhi Pachadi : Final

Thanking the divine ones

$1550 more to go!!

I raised $250 out of the $1800 I pledged for Asha, without sending a single e-mail or making a single phone call!! By just adding a signature in my e-mail with the link to my 2008 marathon training.

Thx Sis, Hafsa and Sudheer anna.. Thx for supporting the cause of educating poor kids guys.

The Few..The Smart.. The Kudithipudi's

Alright.. I blatantly stole that tag line from the US Marine Corps. But for the folks that know me, you know that I am extremely proud of my family name, even though it is so difficult to spell :). Here is a scan of an article from the 26th Feb edition of the “Border Mail“, a Australian local news paper. It is an article about some local high school kids that got a scholarship for their college education based on their overall merit. And right in the middle of them is my niece, Kavya. Congrats kiddo..

Kavya Kudithipudi