Why ADP?

ADP is a $70B+ (by market cap as of August 2019) company and yet cannot get a simple redirect correct. If someone that is asked to use it’s employee performance management system types in tms.adp.com (like most people would do), they get this nice friendly error

If by some magical and mystical reason, they type in https://tms.adp.com, they get this login page

I find it mind boggling that such a mature company cannot figure out

  1. Customer experience
  2. 301/302 http redirects
  3. HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

End Rant and sorry to all my friends that work at ADP 🙂

How not to design a website

Etrade is one of the largest stock trading service providers in the US. One would think they want to make it easy for their customers to trade. Guess not :). I recently logged in to check on my account and place an order. Capital One recently sold their stock trading portfolio to Etrade (why???), so I didn’t get a chance to get oriented with the etrade interface…

So I logged in and was presented a good overview of the account.

Good so far.. I want to place a trade. what do I click?.. let me try the detailed account view

Hmm.. no luck.. How about the orders menu? That sounds like a place where one can place a trade

Nope.. that doesn’t even remotely look like a place I can place an order..

I am amazed at how companies get away with this..

Parenthood means..

  • Not hesitating for a moment to put your nose near someone’ arse to check if they pooped
  • Thinking it is cute when someone pees in your bed
  • Taking food that someone else spits out and finishing it off without hesitating for a second

Some of the joys I got to experience in the last two years raising our Son :).

And yes.. a whole lot of new found respect for my parents.

Never assume.

When troubleshooting performance issues..never take anything for granted..yes, even if something was not touched or restarted, chances are something touching it has been and might have affected it.

This goes esp for the network (IP and fiber) which don’t change as often as the rest of the environment.

G+ or Blog

I started using Google Plus from last November and I should say that, even though I am a big proponent of keeping control over your digital avatar, it has been very easy to make (give) quick updates on Google plus than on this blog. Plus my friends and family don’t have to specially come to this site to get updates. They get the G+ updates as part of their regular email and/or when they log into their G+ stream. It is less work on everyones part.

That is one of the reasons, I believe G+ will be one of the first real contenders to Facebook. Even though Facebook boasts of more than 800 million users, it is still a “seperate” site that folks have to log into unlike Google plus, which is fast becoming part of the regular Google experience. Esp with the tweaks that Google made last week with incorporating G+ data into the search results, the line between  a Google search and using Google Plus gets blurrier.

So the question (for me) is not if it is Facebook or G+.. but if it is the blog or G+..


I have been tagged..

As a site linking to site which is linking to site that serves malware. And I thought it was worth a post, because that site is twit.tv according to google 🙂 . 

I believe the warning is due to the fact that I linked to some video provided by twit on this post (https://kudithipudi.org/2011/11/04/overheard-comment-about-start-upentrepreneurship) .

I pinged Leo on Google + about it and hopefully he will have his team take care of it. Wait.. let me say that again.. I pinged Leo!!! . Isn’t technology amazing. With the click of a button, I was able to send a personal message to one of the most famous tech personalities.

Visit the Indian Railway's official site for dating advice

I was reading this post (http://mindprince.blogspot.com/2011/10/state-of-railway-e-ticketing-in-india.html) by Rohit Agarwal and happened to check out the official site for the Indian Railway (which is a public enterprise).

And what do I see there? Ads for dating services and Penny Auctions!! Last I checked, the Indian Railways was one of the most profitable ventures in the pubic enterprises in India. What gives? Here’s a screenshot for proof 🙂