4th Grade Math Wonders

  • Take any 3 digit number
  • Multiply by 11
  • Multiple the result with 91
  • The end result will clone your initial 3 digit numbers and make a 6 digit number 🙂

Parenthood means..

  • Not hesitating for a moment to put your nose near someone’ arse to check if they pooped
  • Thinking it is cute when someone pees in your bed
  • Taking food that someone else spits out and finishing it off without hesitating for a second

Some of the joys I got to experience in the last two years raising our Son :).

And yes.. a whole lot of new found respect for my parents.

Driving in Texas

If you are ever driving in the country of Texas (yes, for the uninitiated, Texas is a country by itself 🙂 ), drive in the left most lane if you don’t want to get off the highway and drive in the rightmost lane if you want to get off the highway. Even the folks that only drive at 55 and are always in the right lane need to heed this advice..

Or you will be getting off and on the never ending “frontage” roads 🙂

I shared by two cents!!

Overheard : Comment on Work

I was standing in line to get into a plane yesterday and heard this comment made by a gentleman to his friend

You know.. funny thing about work, it has to get done!!

The guys were discussing about how their wives don’t understand the pressures of work :).

Introducing the Indian Samurai

Have you ever seen an Indian Samurai? No, I don’t think so :). I have been fascinated by Samurai ever since I was a kid. So I asked my friend, Buffy (awesome artist) to create a personal profile of me in Samurai attire :). And what do you get? An Indian Samurai :). Moving forward, this is going to become my profile on all online services (other than LinkedIn, because I like my job 🙂 ). Everyone can put up a picture, but very few can put up their own personalized icon :).

Want to get your own personalized profile icon? Send a note to Buffy at You won’t regret it.