Chatting at 35000 feet!!

I flew Lufthansa, on my recent trip to India and was very impressed by the hospitality and the services offered. One of the coolest service on the flights was “Wi-Fi” hotspots offering Internet service. While the service was a bit expensive at $10.00/hour, I tried it out just to satisfy my geeky urgings. It was a blast chatting with friends and telling them that I am doing it from 35000 feet in the air ;). For anyone wanting to try this, I would reccomend getting the “unlimited” access for the entire duration of the flight for $29.95. I would love to look at the technology behind this setup. I am sure they are using satellites for the Internet access. Just interesting how they make sure that the connection stays steady while the flight is moving, since satellite service is very dependent on “point-of-view” access to the satellite.