I was asked by one of my friends, how he could get the top 10 processes in a Unix system. I knew of the usual commands “top”and “ps” and never thought of how you could just get the top 10. Interestingly there is a command called “head“. So if you wanted the top 10 processes you would use “ps -auxw | head“. “man head” returns the following

head – output the first part of files

head [OPTION]… [FILE]…

Print first 10 lines of each FILE to standard output. With more than
one FILE, precede each with a header giving the file name. With no
FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input.


Although I live pretty close by the ocean
in Hawaii, I rarely take the time to go by and enjoy it. The fact that I cannot swim is a big factor :).

Today I had the strange urge to go to the beach and enjoy the sunset. Took some beautiful pictures. Here is a sample

Sunset at Ko'Olina

How ironical

I came across this news item on the BBC’ website. Isn’t it amazing that we need studies and scientific findings nowadays to come to common sense deductions. Is there a sane person in this world who doesn’t know that we are pillaging mother earth? But still we try to cover up by saying that there “isn’t enough evidence“. But I guess it is human nature. Once we get used to comforts in life, it is pretty hard to give them up.

After all this ranting, I go and get two 19” pizzas just because they have a 2 for $22 special. And we wonder why we are fat!!!!

Swimming-Japanese Lessons

I live in the wonderful state of Hawaii and I can’t swim!! My friends have been having a ball about this for sometime. I decided to rectify this by learning to swim. So I call up the local YMCA and find out that they have swimming lessons for adults [me] :). Lessons start on Jan. 10. If there are no postings after that date, you know what happened :).

On the same note, I have always been fascinated with Japanese culture and language. I like the way the Samurai masters speak in the movies. Such authority and command. Well, I was in the local library the other day and came upon a brochure for the local community school. $40 for an introductory course to speaking Japanese!!! Classes start on the 26th of Jan. I hope after the course, I can enjoy my anime‘ in their original glory.

It is amazing how many resources (and not expensive either) one can find if you only know where to look.

Too Many Smilies!!

One of the cool features of WordPress is that it replaces all the smilies with icons. And now that I see my postings, I tend to use a lot of them :). There I go again!! :). Maybe my resolution of the year should be “STOP using so many smilies” :).

The Tao Of Security

I came across this blog by Richard Bejtlich while I was researching for security related sites. Richard is a principal consultant at Foundstone and his knowledge and methodology just amazes me. I visit this site everyday if not more :). I hope to add more bits about technology as I come across interesting things.

New blogging software!

In the spirit of New Year, I decided to try a new blogging software . Apparently the one I used before is not being actively developed anymore. And WordPress is the continuation of the older B2 project. The interface looks a lot cleaner and it has a lot more features in the background. Only problem was that I couldn’t figure out how to import all my old posts. I did make a backup of the old database. Will try to see if I can manually import them. Isn’t life wonderful 🙂 .


Isn’t technology great :). For those in search of a free Encyclopedia, look no further. “WikipediA” is a web based collaborative effort to create a free content encyclopedia. Take a look and if you can, contribute 🙂 to the project and give back to the world.

5 Miles [Not 5K :)]

For those still following my preparation for the “Great Aloha Run” [8.15 miles], I am up to 5 miles now. I should admit that I don’t run that distance in a stretch. I walk for a couple hundred meters in the middle :). I am hoping to gradually increase this distance and make it for the D-day. Any suggestions or links for helping with the preparation? Not to boast, but I did loose a couple of inches around the waist :).

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone [me, myself and Vinay ;)] a Happy New Year. Hope we realize all our dreams and even more. Okay, I give up. I am not such an eloquent writer. I spent the New Year eve in a pretty unusual [for me] way. I was at a bar/club called the “W”. I usually spend New Year’ eve with family or with friends watching fireworks. This was a different experience. It was strange to be standing in the middle of strangers and yelling “Happy New Year” to myself :). I think I will stick with the fireworks next time.