G+ or Blog

I started using Google Plus from last November and I should say that, even though I am a big proponent of keeping control over your digital avatar, it has been very easy to make (give) quick updates on Google plus than on this blog. Plus my friends and family don’t have to specially come to this site to get updates. They get the G+ updates as part of their regular email and/or when they log into their G+ stream. It is less work on everyones part.

That is one of the reasons, I believe G+ will be one of the first real contenders to Facebook. Even though Facebook boasts of more than 800 million users, it is still a “seperate” site that folks have to log into unlike Google plus, which is fast becoming part of the regular Google experience. Esp with the tweaks that Google made last week with incorporating G+ data into the search results, the line between  a Google search and using Google Plus gets blurrier.

So the question (for me) is not if it is Facebook or G+.. but if it is the blog or G+..