2011 Resolutions..

For the few folks that keep in touch with me through this website.. Happy New Year!! :). Hope this new year brings you health and love.

I am usually not a resolutions guy :).. But I wanted to give it a try this year. And I am making them public, so that I have more incentive (read pressure) to reach them. Without future adieu, here they are

  1. Take a look at this picture No.. not the part, where I am eating Jhanvi’s head :).. But that big fat gut hanging out for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Loosing that is my first resolution.
  2. Second picture..This is a picture of the traffic to this site, according to Google. I want to double that by the end of this year. In other words, write more often :).
  3. The third resolution doesn’t have a picture :). I have always wanted to get a CISSP certification. Well, this year, I am going to stop thinking and act on it.
  4. And finally, the fourth one is to go on a decent vacation. Ideally, some place exotic :)..And hopefully, we will have a visa to visit it.