Last run for 2010?

Jhanvi and I ran the 2010 Hot Chocolate 15K last Saturday (11/6/2010). I don’t know why I keep doing this.. but I don’t seem to realize that I am not a superman 🙂 and cannot run races efficiently without practicing. Anyways, here is what happens when you run a race without ANY training..

My Results

I was aiming to be the last in everything :).. but looks like some people still beat me..

Jhanvi’s Results

Thx to Jhanvi for making me run the race… I wanted to run the 5K and call it a day 🙂 (and no. it is not called cheating when it is 27 degrees and you are freezing your butt off!! 🙂 ).. but she encouraged me to run the 15K. Clearly not my best time.. but I am proud I completed it never the less.