Cheesy Tollywood Dialogs

For those of you who know what TollyWood is, you are also aware of the cheesy dialogs that are used in the Tollywood movies. For the uninitiated, Tollywood is the equivalent of Hollywood in the Telugu speaking South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Tollywood productions are greater (in quantity) than Hollywood. Although, I should say that the quality is a totally different matter :). My personal belief is that the Indian population is still not ready to view Cinema as an expressionist art. It is still purely an entertainment avenue. Hence you see the heros in the movies fighting 100 villians single handedly :). Something comparable in the western culture would be the “John Wayne” movies. Tollywood actors are worshipped in a Godly manner. One of the biggest kick I used to get as a kid when watching Tollywood movies was the cheesy dialogs that were used in the movies. I don’t think there is a collection of these dialogs anywhere on the net. Hence this effort to document them. I created a page to document them. Please feel free to send me an e-mail at [email protected] with new entries and I will keep updating the page. Would appreciate if you can include the following in the e-mail
Movie Name | Actor Name | Dialog