Can you still write?

i.e. Can you still write with your hand? I ran across this article ( on the BBC, which predicts that we will have forgotten the art of handwriting in another 100 years or so. Imagine, a specialist having to decipher handwritten notes, although I should confess that I think it takes a specialist to read my handwriting now :).

As with most people of my age, I actually went through a formal “handwriting” class. I remember, we used to have special assignments, where all you did was write 🙂 . I used to write a lot of handwritten letters during my childhood, but as I grew up and started to use computers, my need to hand write something became less and less. If I remember correctly, the last handwritten letter I wrote was ~6 years ago!! It is so easy to type up an e-mail and send it off, but writing a letter makes you think and reflect on what you are writing. I do miss it 🙂

Speaking of things that are going to be “things of past”, I also think that most of the regional languages in this world will fade away in another 200-300 years. Everyone will speak some form of English :)..

So when was the last time, you wrote something (meaningful) with a pen or pencil?