New Toy : Kindle 2.0

I have been looking at getting an e-book reader for some time now (yes.. even though I don’t have time, I still like to think I can read 🙂 ).. My sister and brother in law surprised me by getting me the newly released Kindle 2.0 (Thx Guys!!).. I think I am one of the first few people to receive it!!. Here are some pictures of the unpacking and the device itself

The Kindle in it’s original packing.. Getting pretty close to being as cool as Apple packaging

The most amazing thing (for me).. the USB/Power Cable.. Look how small the power brick is!!


First Thoughts??

Since, I didn’t have a previous e-book or the Kindle 1.0, I don’t have anything to compare it to. I think the styling of the device is very sleek and sexy. I like the alumunium backend (Reminds you of the first gen iPhone). The interface is OK.. Was not very impressed with it. I love the fact that you can browse Wikipedia anytime/anywhere with the built-in wireless connection for free!!

My next task is to figure out a way to get some content onto this baby. There are several books in the public domain (like the ones on that I would like to get onto the Kindle first. Once, I feel comfortable with the unit, I will try some e-books from the Kindle store.