Goodbye 2011 and Welcome 2012


Happy New Year!!

Wishing all of you and your families a healthy and loving 2012. If there is one thing I learnt in 2011, it is that if you are healthy rest of the things in life will follow.

I haven’t posted any updates on my 2011 resolutions in the last few months. So here is a final recap

  • Lose the gut
    • I really didn’t accomplish the goal of losing the gut. But I gained some good habits (eating breakfast, eating consistently throughout the day, keeping track of my weight)
    • I have collected some interesting data as part of tracking my weight through the year. Plan to do some analysis on it later on.
    • Final chart of my weight in 2011
  • Increase traffic to
    • I wrote a bit more in 2011 than in 2010, but not as much as needed.
    • Snapshot of 2011 traffic compared to 2010. As you can see, the traffic has increased nearly 80%.. 
  • CISSP Certification
    • Didn’t attempt this at all.
    • Wanted to do this in the last quarter, but things got a bit hectic :).
  • Take a Vacation
    • Successfully went on a vacation to India.

Overall, 50% of the goals were accomplished. As they say, the glass is half full :). Not bad.

And yes, I am going back to my old habit of not making resolutions :).