Skyscrapers, McDonald's and weasels…

During dinner with a friend recently, we brooded on these three topics..

  1. Skyscrapers : My friend lives on the 34th floor of a 47(?) floor high rise and we were discussing if that constituted her living in a skyscraper. Both of us couldn’t remember how many floors a building had to have, to be designated as a skyscraper. Intrigued, I fired up my trusted friend, Google, and found out that there is NO precise definition of how many stories or what height makes a building  a skyscraper!! So in essence, if you are living in a 10 story building in middle of North Dakota (no offense intended to people living in this state), you are considered to be living in a skyscraper :-). Was proud to find out that Chicago had one of the first skyscrapers in the world!! (
  2. McDonalds : The Rock N Roll McDonald’s at 600 North Clark Street in Chicago used to be one of the highest grossing McDonald’s in the world, before the one in Red Square, Moscow, Russia opened up..This used to be one of my favorite McDonald’s. You could always count on some fresh fries after a night of clubbing in the gold coast :). (
  3. Weasels : Finally, we spoke abt Weasels and wondered why the weasels got associated with weasels!! :).. For an animal that looks so cute, I cannot for the life of me figure out why it got associated with such a bad meaning.. I haven’t been able to find the history of this yet. If any of you do, pls post a comment.