Week 16 training and my first outdoor camping trip

After the rough 20 miler last weekend, I was not able to run any of the mid week runs this week. But I did manage to run the 12 miler weekend in the hilly (compared to flat arse Illinois) roads of Wisconsin. Looking back at it, I don’t know, if it was prudent to run on a county highway at night without any visual alerts (reflective dressing, LED etc) on me. It was a tough run, but I took it one hill at a time and I have two proud bleeding nipples to show for it!! :).

I was in Wisconsin (Wisconsin Dells to be precise) over the weekend on a camping trip with the good folks from Team Asha. It was great to see all the runners at one place and it was my first outdoor camping trip. I did stay in log cabins before, but this was the first time I had to pitch a tent. And for those that haven’t done it before.. it is NOT so difficult :). You just have to spend a hour of so, figuring out what the hell you are doing, or take a few minutes and read the instructions :).

Much fun was had with food, liquor and music!! 🙂

[The Gang]

[How many runners does it take to pitch a tent??]

[Cool new Asha Running Shirts]

[Important Stuff]

[Rohit showing off his volleyball skills]

[Sri getting ready to make killer omlettes]

[Is that fun or what??]

More pictures here..[http://flickr.com/photos/kudithipudi/sets/72157607569023137/]