Swimming Lessons – Day IV

This was the first day of swimming lessons that I didn’t manage to drink half the water in the pool :). I was not even planning on going to the lesson this week. I was pretty tired after a 12 hour shift a 3 hour Japanese lesson (more on that later). I come home and lay down. I came with the lame excuse of “1 week of missing lessons won’t matter :)”. But luckily for me, one of my colleagues woke me up regarding an issue at work. Although I am not a firm believer in God, this just seemed too much of a coincidence. So off I went to the lesson. The only new thing we learnt in this lesson was “frog kick“.

Frog Kick
1) Kick with your legs in a frog like fashion. Pull in legs and bend knees. Then kick out both the legs spread out. Click the legs together and then pull them in. Repeat..

2) The same time that you are doing the above with your legs, push your self forward with both the arms.