Dlink 614+ and Dynamic DNS

I purchased a server from Dell recently. Want to use it as a test server to play with at home. I have a small LAN at home setup using a Dlink 614+ router. I forwarded some services to the server, so that I can access it remotely. Since the IP address on my cable modem changes every so often, how do I access it remotely? Dynamic DNS from dyndns.org to the rescue :).

Register for an account over here.
Create a Dynamic DNS host on Dyndns.org
Log into the 614+ router
Go to Tools –> Misc.
Enable DDNS
Use members.dyndns.org as the server address
Enter the complete hostname (ex. Samurai.kicks-ass.net)
Enter the username and password that you have registered at dyndns.org
Click on “Apply” and you are all set.