Swimming – Lessons

Day 1 – [1/10/2004]
Instructor – Tiger
. Check out our capabilities by asking us swim for a short distance (half lap). I managed to churn up the whole pool with my thrashing :).
. Grab kickboard with hands and learn to kick legs properly.
. Grab floating handlebars with hands and learn to kick legs properly and use one hand at a time to thrust forward.

Thank God, we were not asked to put our head under water 🙂

Day 2 – [1/17/2004]
Instructor – Seth
. Grab kickboard and swim (kick) all the way till the end of the pool !!! (freaked me out)
. Grab kickboard and swim (kick and push with one hand alternatively) all the way till the end of the pool.
. Throw away kickboard, put your head under the water and swim half a lap. (Drank half the pool during this exercise. I tell you, chlorinated water makes you pretty nauseous)
. Swim (kick, push with hands, head under water – AKA real swimming) the whole length of the pool.
. Backstroke – This was real hard for me. I could not relax enough to believe that you could float in the water on your back.
. Scissor Kick – Grab kickboard, put it under your head and grab it with your arm as if though you are holding a violin. Lay on your side in water and kick your legs as in a scissor action. Again, was pretty difficult for me to lay on my side. Kept slipping onto stomach or back.

It was a pretty intense second class. I thought that the instructor was pushing us too far, too soon. Have to work on my kick. I am bending my knees, keeping my fingers apart and thrashing wildly. The key is to move your whole leg. Will keep practising in the pool at home.