Charlie : The guru I never met

Yesterday (Nov 28, 2024), Charlie Munger passed away. Charlie is someone I learnt a lot from. Even though I never had the opportunity to hear him speak in person, his speeches and talks have played a profound influence on me. He was wicked smart, down-to-earth and brutally honest.

One my favorite quotes of Charlie is from his 2007 Commencement speech at USC. On choices in life, he said “Let me use a little inversion now. What will really fail in life? What do we want to avoid? Some answers are easy. For example, sloth and unreliability will fail. If you’re unreliable it doesn’t matter what your virtues are, you’re going to crater immediately. So, faithfully doing what you’ve engaged to do should be an automatic part of your conduct.”

You will be much missed Charlie :-(.. RIP.