IE Bug – Pretty Scary

During my daily visit to Richard Bejtlich’ blog, I came information about this flaw in IE which can be exploited to make people believe that they are viewing/visting one site (URL) when in fact they are located on another website. To quote from the “Zap The Dingbat” (who actually discovered the bug)

There is a flaw in the way that Internet Explorer displays URLs in the address bar.
By opening a specially crafted URL an attacker can open a page that appears to be from a different domain from the current location.Exploit
By opening a window using the http://user@domain nomenclature an attacker can hide the real location of the page by including a non printing character (%01) before the “@”.
Internet Explorer doesn’t display the rest of the URL making the page appear to be at a different domain.

For example, if you click on this button, you will see the URL in the address bar if you are using IE. But the full address of the URL is[email protected]/security/ex01/vun2.htm.

Pretty scary eh.. Just imagine how much this can be abused. People can be tricked into entering their credit card information, usernames/passwords etc.. by mimicking valid sites. And as if though this is not bad enough, Micro$oft hasn’t even released a patch for this yet. So for now, either you type in all addresses manually in the address bar or use trusted saved bookmarks. I would recommend scrapping IE and to start using Mozilla Firebird as your default browser. It is fast, small, adheres to standards and is FREE [as in beer].