Sankranthi Subhakankshalu..

Sankranthi is the festival of harvest and is celebrated with much jest in India (esp Southern India). Back in my childhood, when we used to live in a village, this festival denoted the start of harvesting the rice fields and we used to have a lot of fun lighting up “Bhoghi Mantalu”, which were essentially large bonfires of old stuff that needed to be discarded. And being a kid, everything in the house “qualified” to be discarded for me :).

Another thing that distinguished this festival was that all the household entrances were decorated with colored rice flour. Here’s a picture of a typical decoration


For the kids, it was also the festival of kites. And boy, some folks were pretty serious about their kites and the competitions. Here’s a nice picture showing the landscape littered with kites..

Wishing everyone a happy Sankranthi :).

Labour day weekend : Good Beer, Good Friends.. Good times :)

It’s amazing how fast holidays zip by :). Wish, it was the same with work days…. Lakshmi and I didn’t get a chance to travel during this long weekend, but we caught up with some sightseeing in Chicago. We visited the Field museum, using the free family pass you can get at the Chicago Public Library. For those of you who are not aware, you can get free passes to most of the attractions in Chicago. All you need is a membership at the library. Each library has limited quantities of the passes and it is given out on a first come first serve basis. A great way to explore the city without breaking your bank :). It was great day to visit the museum. I took some snaps from the trip and posted them on Flickr

We also got a chance to catch up with old friends..Sudheer and his charming wife, Neelima flew down to Chicago for the weekend and all of us got together at Ravi’s place for a night of fun, beer and food :). It was great to catch up on life and fondly remember our days at school. As usual, me and my camera were busy snapping pictures of the night…

[Left to Right: Back Row: Shekar, Achi, Ravi, Byna, Sudheer Front Row: Nirmala, Pallavi, Madhavi, Deepthi, Lakshmi, Neelima]


My sister graduated with her Ph.D in Electrical engineering this Saturday. I flew to San Antonio to attend the graduation and it was a blast. We had tons of Mexican food and I got meet a bunch of nice folks. I think my sister will be really sad when she has to leave all her good friends in San Antonio and move to Rochester, NY to start teaching over there. She was the first student (and woman) to get a Ph.D from the school of engineering at the University of Texas, San Antonio. It was very cool to see her on stage and get a standing ovation from all the people who came to the graduation ceremony. Way to go sis!! :). We are very proud of you. Here are some links with more pictures

A Happy Dassera

Wish you all a Happy Dassera. I miss all the fun and festivities back home. It has been more than a decade since I have celebrated an Indian festival properly. For the uninitiated, festivals in India mean new clothes, day off and meeting friends and relatives. We have too many festivals in India and too many days off :).

A new team is born :)

Annoucing the arrival of the lucky twins :). My cousins Vinod and Lakshmi just had twins. All I can say is, these guys bring good luck. The Cubs are in the playoffs!! ye ye. Oh, back to the twins :).
Vikas | Born at 8:05AM 10/3/2003 | Weight: 5lbs 17oz | Height: 19 ins

Shalin | Born at 8:05AM 10/3/2003 | Weight: 5lbs 17oz | Height: 19 ins

Welcome to the world kids :).