Project Uptime : Progress Report – 1

Here is the first update on Project Uptime. I spun up a new server (doesn’t that sound so odd.. spun up a new server!! :)) with 512MB of RAM running Ubuntu 11.1o (Oneiric Ocelot). First order of business after spinning up the server?

  • Update to the latest and greatest patches

[code] sudo apt-get update [/code]

  • Update to the latest kernel.
    • First check the version of kernel you are running

[code] uname -r [/code]

    • Check the repository for latest version

[code] apt-cache search linux-image [/code]

    • Install latest version

[code] sudo apt-get install linux-image-LATEST-VERSION [/code]

    • Restart server

[code] sudo init 6 [/code]