Protesting SOPA and PIPA

Unless you are living under a rock or outside the US :).. you probably heard about the crazy legislation that the US congress and senates are proposing to help protect content creators (AKA Hollywood) from privacy. While I personally don’t have any issues with giving protection to content creators, it should not be at the cost of freedom for the rest of the world. Go to to get more information about why this proposed legislation are bad.

Today (1/18/2012) has been designated as “Protest SOPA/PIPA day” by the technology world. I believe in the old adage, put your money where your mouth is :).. so I checked on the top 25 US sites (according to Alexa) to see how many of them are supporting this protest in a visible manner. Only 4 out of the 25 sites, put visible content on their websites regarding the protest. I think Google’s message was the most effective, where they did not reduce the functionality of the website, but provided a lot of visibility to the protest. I know which companies I am going to support/use moving forward :). I was very happy to see that three of the sites that I use on a regular basis (google, amazon and wikipedia) are supporting this protest. Here are screenshots of the protest from the theĀ  4 sites that are in the top 25 visited sites in the US


Screenshots of some other sites that I visit on a regular basis and are supporting the protest