RESOLUTIONS : 2011 : January Update

As I mentioned here, I have made some resolutions for 2011. As with any good task list, it is worthless unless you take a look at it periodically and update it :). I am going to publish an update on each one of the resolutions every month. Here goes the first one

  1. Loose weight (AKA loose gut)
    • I am practicing part of the diet proposed by Tim Ferris in his Four Hour Body book. I am eating 2 egg whites for breakfast and than eating a small meal every 4 hours. I haven’t gone completely into the whole “white” carb diet he proposes though.
    • I also started tracking my weight and diet religiously on a daily basis. This is another of Tim’s ideas. He says that by tracking your weight everyday, you subconsciously start making better choices in terms of the food you eat. I this it makes sense :). I am tracking the data in a Google spreadsheet. Here is a chart of my weight for the last one month I started out at 194 lbs and am not at 188 lbs. Hopefully I will be able to keep this downward trend.
    • I also started working out (thanks to Jhanvi). We are working out at least 2 times a week.
  2. Increase web traffic to
    • I started posting more content on the site. I posted 8 articles in January.
    • No particular strategy other than writing more content, which will hopefully bring more traffic.
    • Have the following topics to write on (and some of them have been pending for a long time)
      • Moving your life to the cloud
      • Setting up a virtual server on the Rackspace Cloud Infrastructure
      • Configuring syslog-ng
      • Configuring nginx to reduce resource utilization on Linux server
  3. Achieve CISSP certification
    • No progress on this one at all.
  4. Go on a vacation
    • Jhanvi and I planned to go to the travel and adventure expo, that was held in Rosemont last weekend, but we got too lazy :).
    • Our trip to India (and it doesn’t count as a vacation 🙁 ) is planned for April.

Progress on 2 out of the 4 resolutions!!.. Not bad :).

PS : Thanks for all the support I have been getting on the first resolution :). I didn’t realize the situation was so bad :).