George Carlin : Philosopher, Comedian and a Genius

George Carlin, probably one of the most intelligent comedians around, passed away on Sunday due to a heart attack. If you don’t know who he is, check out his page on WikiPedia and his website.

In addition to being a great comedian, George had a “thing” for languages.. Here is a snippet from his website

Some favorite oxymorons:

  • assistant supervisor
  • new tradition
  • original copy
  • plastic glass
  • uninvited guest

Some favorite redundancies:

  • added bonus
  • total abstinance
  • young children
  • exactly right
  • subject matter
  • revert back
  • true fact
  • honest truth
  • sum total
  • join together
  • ferryboat
  • free gift
  • general public
  • bare naked
  • unique individual
  • new initiative
  • end result

RIP George..You will be missed.