Swimming Lessons – Day III

It has been a busy week. I didn’t get a chance to practise swimming at all. I was hoping that it would rain, so that the lessons get cancelled :). It was a bright sunny day as usual 🙂 and I had to go to the lessons. Didn’t learn anything new, but managed to drink up half the pool. There was a scary moment, when I thought that I was going to drown. Seth, the instructor says, “Vinay, whenever you feel that you are going to drown, just breath deeply and point your chin towards the sky. You will float”. Good advice, but frankly, when one is drowning there is no time to think clearly. You thrash around like a wild thing. Breath deeply and keep your chin up is the last thing you think about :). As if though my prayers were answered, it started thundering after the first 15 minutes of the class. We were all asked to come out of the pool to avoid being hit by lightening (more like avoiding potential law suites 🙂 ). Apparently we are not supposed to go into the pool for 15 minutes after we hear thunders. And the class only lasts for 45 minutes. So the instructor asked us to go home. Man, was I happy or what :). This reminded me of days in school, when the school would be closed for bad weather.

Note to self: Must buy kickboard and practise.