Larry the lobster – Ocean to Kitchen

Brian is an avid scuba diver. His typical routine is Work – Home – Dive – Work – Home – Dive … He is even working on getting a rescue diver license. He usually finds interesting stuff during his diving trips, so when he tells me that he found something “special”, I was expecting a shell or something like that. Little did I know that I was in for a treat today :). So without further audue, here we go

Brian - Diver - Fisherman!!
[Brian with his catch of the day.]
Vinay - Poser - Uneasy with Lobster
[Me, taking the chance to pose with a lobster.]
Larry - The Lobster
[Larry – The Lobster]
Larry' Death Bed (tub)
[Colorful food.]
Larry - Goodbye!!
[In he goes :)]
Larry - ready for the table
[Out he comes]
[And right onto the table]

Yummy… To quote Brian “Hey man, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time” :). Sorry Larry.