How many kilometers in a mile??

Ever wondered about such questions? How about “How many liters in 20 gallons?”. Well, the almighty Google is right there to help you. One of the little knows features of Google is it’ calculator functionality. Type in “20 gallons in liters” in the google search box and see what you get. Hope you understand why Google is my homepage 🙂 now.

UPDATED (3/28/2006) :
Looks like a lot of people are getting to this post by searching for the number of kilometers per mile in Yahoo. Just so that you don’t have to go somewhere else :), here’s the data

1 MILE = 1.609344 KILOMETERS
1 KILOMETER = 0.621371192 MILES

1 KILO = 2.20462262 POUNDS
1 POUND = 0.45359237 KILOS