New blogging software!

In the spirit of New Year, I decided to try a new blogging software . Apparently the one I used before is not being actively developed anymore. And WordPress is the continuation of the older B2 project. The interface looks a lot cleaner and it has a lot more features in the background. Only problem was that I couldn’t figure out how to import all my old posts. I did make a backup of the old database. Will try to see if I can manually import them. Isn’t life wonderful 🙂 .


Isn’t technology great :). For those in search of a free Encyclopedia, look no further. “WikipediA” is a web based collaborative effort to create a free content encyclopedia. Take a look and if you can, contribute 🙂 to the project and give back to the world.

5 Miles [Not 5K :)]

For those still following my preparation for the “Great Aloha Run” [8.15 miles], I am up to 5 miles now. I should admit that I don’t run that distance in a stretch. I walk for a couple hundred meters in the middle :). I am hoping to gradually increase this distance and make it for the D-day. Any suggestions or links for helping with the preparation? Not to boast, but I did loose a couple of inches around the waist :).

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone [me, myself and Vinay ;)] a Happy New Year. Hope we realize all our dreams and even more. Okay, I give up. I am not such an eloquent writer. I spent the New Year eve in a pretty unusual [for me] way. I was at a bar/club called the “W”. I usually spend New Year’ eve with family or with friends watching fireworks. This was a different experience. It was strange to be standing in the middle of strangers and yelling “Happy New Year” to myself :). I think I will stick with the fireworks next time.


And just when you think that blogging is the coolest thing in the world, Fotologgin [That is a word made up by me] comes along. I came upon this site by chance and one of the most interesting fotolog was about food.. The author apparently posts every meal he eats. I was not only fascinated by the subject but also by the artistic talent. Worth checking out..


Time to celebrate yet another Indian Festival :). Didn’t I already say that we have way too many festivals :). Wish you a Happy Diwali. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. This is one of my favourite festivals mainly because you get to play with fireworks all night.

I made it..

I forgot to post it yesterday, but I finally made it across my 1.5 mile barrier :). Yesterday night [or to be precise today morning] at ~1:30AM I had a strange urge to run. And run I did like Forest Gump ;). I was able to jog for 2 miles without a rest!! I don’t know if it was the cool night or the empty beach that did it. I hope I will be able to finish a real marathon someday.


I have always been a bookworm. But due to lack of time because of a crazy work schedule, I haven’t had a lot of time to read anything interesting recently. Luckily, a request from one of my cousins made me go back to the library. I have been looking at some interesting books. The topic in general is “Media Manipulation”. It is amazing how much the news, events around us are manipulated. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but come on let us be frank. The news that we watch/read everyday is not objective. Before it was very subtle, but good ol’ Fox has taken it a whole new level.

I also finished reading the new book by Michael Moore Dude, where’s my country?. I read his previous book “Stupid white men” too. Some of the information he reveals in the book is amazing. I do agree with him on a lot of topics, but he takes it to a whole new level with his “hate” of Bush :). I strongly recommend reading this, if you are in the US.

It's been a while

Let’s blame it on running :). You see, I try to run regularly. I have improved from nothing to ~1.5 miles now. And I found that everyday I run, I am more consious of my health [I guess because you realize how painful it is to loose those extra inches 😉 ], I watch what I eat and I even try to clean up my room (!!!). So for the last week or so I haven’t been running. I have been putting it off by saying.. there is always tomorrow. I finally got my lazy a$%# off the couch and went running today. So here I am, your ever faithful :).

Well..a lot has happened in the last week. The Cubs have turned from heros to loosers. If any of you watched the 7th game, I pity you :). I didn’t even have the heart to watch the game. I was too nervous. And then there was the whole fiasco in the 6th game with the fan who tried to catch a ball as a sovenier. I feel so sorry for that guy. It is amazing how many details of this personal life have been released into the public. He should seriously consider leaving the city :).


And another great show by the CUBs :). One more game and we make it to the world series. It is so close guys, don’t screw this up :).