Yeah baby.. The Cubs are in the playoffs. I wish I was in Chicago to celebrate this event. For the last 3 years that I was in Chicago, each of the sports team [Cubs | Bulls | Bears] showed promise at the beginning of the season and then fizzled away!! This is one of the most exciting sporting event that I have seen in my life. I was glued to the TV all the time. Especially in the 8th inning when Baker decided to bench Kerry. I was like..what the hell is this guy doing. But I guess he knew what to do. Thats why he is making the BIG $$$$$$ and I am slaving away in Hawaii. Not that I am complaining. THE CUBS RULE :).

Me: The Helpdesk Monkey

Customer: I am facing packet loss

Me: I am sorry to hear that. Can I get your circuit ID please

Customer: xxxxx

Me: Sir, I see that you are using ~490kbps on a 512kbps link. are going to have some packet loss depending on your usage.

Customer: What!!! You think I don’t know anything. I have been in this business for 8 years. I have tens of links. The other provider never has problems. You are shaving me off on 10kbps.

Me: ?? ?? ??

I love being the helpdesk monkey :).

Moral: Doesn’t anyone know that “raw datarate, doesn’t take into account data framing or encoding” of the TCP/IP stack.

Taste of Kapolei – II

I was so tired by the time I got back home that I didn’t have any energy to make it to the taste. I did notice that quite a few people [taking Hawaii’ population into context :)] turned up for it. Will try to make it next year.

Note: Why do we always postpone things?? :).

Sun[set or rise]??

You might have already noticed all the buzz being generated in the tech. world due Sun’s annoucement that is might have to write off 1 Billion [yeah, you heard that right] dollars for this quarter. A lot of people are saying that this is the start of the end. It is funny how bad decisions made by management can affect a company :). I always admired Sun for being a “technology” company, but in the last few years instead of being innovative and adopting to changing market needs, Sun stagnated. I mean, how many companies would think of going with Sun when they can get comparable technology [Linux+Inte/AMD] at a far cheaper price. What is wrong with people in the upper management? I have seen several companies go down just because of bad decesions by management. Do people loose their brains once they get there?? I do hope [if not for the shareholders, at least for the employees] that Sun can get its act together.

Hello world !

Everyone in this world is blogging!! :). Well, I wake up this fine day and decide..Why not me? After going through several different blogging software [Register | Serendepity | TextPattern], I have finally decided on B2. So, without any further adeu, welcome to my site :). I plan to write [when I can] on things that I think are important [Nerd Alert: This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will like it. But hey, if you are reading this, you really don’t have anything better to do :)]