Project PaaS : Day 2 on Google App Engine

It looks like I was able to accomplish writing the application that I wanted to on the App Engine in 2 days!!  at least in it’s basic form.  After some help from Google, I updated the application I created yesterday ( to display the User Agent string being sent by the client.

The code has been updated to github at

Lessons from day 2?

  • Python doesn’t like tabs :). Always use spaces to ident. I was using Notepad++ as the editor and it automatically puts tabs when you hit enter. Why? Looks like that is the best practice according to this style guide (
  • The “Logs” console in the SDK toolkit should be your best friend. It let’s you know if there is any error in your code and what line it believes the error is at.

Next, I will try to pretty it up a bit.

Isn’t it amazing that I was able to create a simple app in a matter of 2 days and host it on an “infinitely” scalable  platform without even taking our my credit card.