RESOLUTIONS : 2011 : February Update

Here come the monthly updates on my 2011 resolutions.

  1. Lose the gut.
    • Continuting to follow the diet in Tim Ferri’s book. I seemed to have plateaued in February (between 185 – 187 lbs), so I kicked it up a notch with chemicals. OK.. no steriods. Just some good old garlic. Today, I weighed 183lbs!!.. That’s 11.5lbs in 2 months. Here’s a chart of my daily weight since 1/3/2011
    • I think the trick is to really keep the diet simple, so that you don’t have to worry about what you are eating. The 2 egg whites for breakfast is great. In March, I am planning on extending the “keep it simple” to lunch. Some beans and spinach are going to do wonders.
    • I also started practicing Yoga on weekends. This is another thing, once I get up to speed and more comfortable, I plan on doing every day.
    • My running distance is up to 4 miles now.. Up from a embarrassing 1 mile :). And this is the same guy that used to run Marathons :).
  2. Increase traffic to
    • I published 7 posts in Feb 2011. Not as many as I wanted, but the increase in traffic has been pretty impressive so far. Here is a snapshot of a Google Analytics report comparing the first two month periods of 2010 and 2011. (click on the image for a larger size. The blue line shows 2011 traffic and the green line shows 2010 traffic)
    • I still didn’t publish the posts I have been meaning to for sometime now 🙂
  3. CISSP Certification
    • No progress on this yet :(..
    • I did start the process to form a hacker group at work to discuss and brain storm new technologies. Not close to getting certification, but something to keep the mind busy.
  4. Vacation
    • Our trip to India is finalized. I even bought the tickets!! And we are going to fly through Abu Dhabi. How abt that for a 3 hour layover vacation 🙂 ?