Можете ли Вы мне помочь?

Если вы из России, вы можете мне помочь найти это стихотворение Пушкина? Я считаю, что имеет несколько линий, как этого ..
“Lublu ya vas..
..Chivo ze bolshe”

You know you are addicted…

  • When you check your blackberry every minute, even when there is no e-mail waiting for you..
  • When you are in a social gathering and keep checking your blackberry rather than mingle with people..
  • When you are in a drive-thru lane at a fast food place and have to think “I will not check my blackberry until, I get to the window and get my food” (that takes an average of 30 seconds!!)..

I think I need to get some help here :-).. And looks like this is not a new phenomenon.. Here are some stories about the addiction



Any ideas? 🙂

HOW TO : View HTML pages in Linux (command line)

If you are stuck in a terminal on a Linux workstation and need to view a html file.. you can use the following command


Links displays the HTML code in the page by default..If you want to just view the rendered HTML, press “\” and you can toggle between HTML and Text views.

P.S : You need to have links installed to use it :).. But most of the new distributions have it installed by default.

Lessons of the trade : Data purge in databases..

Quick note to myself.. If you have a high volume transactional database and are looking to purge data from a table(s).. make sure you purge the data in small chunks. If you purge the data in larger chunks (rows), other processes trying to access the data on those tables have to go to the redo logs to access the data, since the purge job will put a lock on the table. This obviously adds latency to the queries.. So purge the data in smaller chunks (rows), forcing the database to flush the redo logs.

Why I added 5lbs of weight in 3 weeks…

Five Guys, a burger chain from the east coast opened their first franchise in Chicago… If you want some fresh juicy burgers and peanuts to eat while the burger is being made, this is the place to go to. I first tasted the Five Guys burger when I was in Washington DC, a couple of years ago, on work.. I thought how cool, it would be to open one in Chicago. Looks like some enterprising entrepreneur actually took my idle thought and opened one :-).. It is located at 2140 N. Clybourn Ave.

Coming to the title of this post.. Why did I add 5 lbs of weight? These three pictures should tell you why..




OK.. That is my friend Rich.. but you get the idea :-)..