An evening at the airport..

6:00 PM – Arrive at O’Hare. Flight was scheduled to depart at 9:20 PM.. As I check in, I realize that the flight is delayed by 30 min.. No big deal right.. Check in my luggage.

6:30 PM – Get past security in a record breaking 2 minutes. That was my best record :).. Check the monitors and realize that the 6:30 PM flight is delayed by 30 minutes too.. Run 0.25 miles to the gate and stand in line..

7:00 PM – The agent keeps yelling in them mike that they are not taking any more passengers on the standby list. I persist and don’t give up..

7:15 PM – There is 1 remaining seat in the flight and I am the only one remaining standing.. (reminds me of a cowboy shootout for some reason!!). I hand over my ticket in hope to the agent and she gives me my ticket.. I am so happy that I am actually getting to my destination earlier!!.. Alas, I had to ask the stupid question “What is going to happen to my luggage”.. The agent gasps and pulls the ticket away from my hands “Young man!! How naughty of you. You thought you could fly without your luggage!! You have to take your original flight.. which by the way is delayed by 1 hour now.”

7:30 PM – I sigh in despair and headed over to the food court… Glance through all the stalls and settle on the “Billy Goats” tavern. Get a hotdog, fries and a cold bud light.. As I eat and glance around me, I realize how many cultures, one can see at the airport. There are some women, in head scarfs and skirts (Sudanese??) munching on some McDonalds grub.. Right next to them is a South Asian dude, trying to look hip in his Gap attire. And by him is a gum chewing teenager with a slogan “I am blogging this” on her chest..And she seems to be taking incospicous pictures with her mobile phone..

8:30 PM – Complete “Mr.Sampath” by R.K.Narayan.. The beer had gotten warm by now and I had to discard it. BTW, R.K.Narayan is one of the most gifted authors, I have read so far.. He is a natural storyteller. You do have to have an understanding of Indian culture and history to turely enjoy his stories though..

9:00 PM – I pick up my gear and get to the new gate, just to realize that the gate has been changeg again.. Lug my bags to the new gate.. Wait in line for the agent to give me a seat no. Just as it is my chance to speak with the agent, she decides that she has to go and serve another gate!!!

10:00 PM – More wandering in the hallways of O’hare in search of a power strip, so that I can at least watch a movie on my laptop.. They should really provide more power outlets in the airport for the passengers. And free wi-fi, while they are at it. I think, it would be a nice idea to create a website and/or page with listings of the freely available power outlets in the airport… Another business idea, that will never get realized!! :)..

10:15 PM – The flight is delayeg agian.. It is going to leave at 11:00 PM now.

10:30 PM – Finally find, a seat in the “Sprint sponsored laptop center” next to an old couple.. Think they have been married for ever and am impressed by their dedication to each other.. The old man struggles to get up as they leave and I offer to help…”No sir, I don’t need any help. But thank you though!!”.

10:40 PM – The gate is still not open.. I start to think if I am ever going to fly today. Scroll over to the gate and see the dreaded message “Flight Delayed.. Departure time 11:22 PM”!!. Just for the record, I was originally planning on driving. The drive would have taken ~10 hours and flight is supposed to last 1.5 hours. At this rate, it might have been better to drive. At least, I am in control of my own destiny..

10:45 PM – Complete first episode of Cowboy Bebop. If you are into Anime, you will know that this is a classic. This series was my introduction into the Anime world and I still cherish it..The blond girl and the hispanic guy in the “Big Shot – Bouty Hunters” TV show crack me up. BTW, that is a TV show in the series.. Here’s a screen shot from the series..

Cowboy Bebop - BigShot

11:00 PM – Looks like the flight timing hasn’t changed.. Decide to use the restroom, before I board the flight and note this new gadgetry in the restroom..

O'Hare Airport : Restroom Device

How cool is that?

11:20 PM – Finally board the flight and on route to my destination!!! Happy Holidays  :)..