Simple pleasures in life : Getting a shave in India

If you have ever traveled to India, you would have noticed the omni present “Hair Styling” saloons. They vary from a guy sitting under the shade of a tree to pretty expensive “A/C” saloons. Most people in India (esp. the older generation) get their facial hair groomed at these saloons. I took the opportunity of my visit to India, to go to a saloon.. Here is how a shave goes πŸ™‚

  • Rough massage on the  face with hot water mixed with some lime.
  • Slap on some shaving cream (you don’t want to know which brand) and whip up an awesome forth..
  • Open an old fashion shaving blade. In the old days, one blade was used for multiple people. Thankfully, they switch the razors for each person now :)..
  • Shave twice for an ultrasmooth finish. I don’t care what razor you use (tri blad, quad blade or the new 5 blade razors), you cannot get the same finish as an old fashioned shaving blade.
  • Slap on tons of facial cream all over your face.. I managed to glimpse at the cream and it looked like Nivea, but was spelled Nyvea.. Again, don’t pay attention to the brands πŸ™‚
  • Nice massage of the face with the above mentioned facial cream.
  • Spray of cold water on the face.
  • Rub all the nicks (and there will be plenty πŸ™‚ ) with some old fashioned aftershave cake.
  • Another dash of cold water on the face.
  • Wipe face with a warm towel..

The charge ranges anywhere from Rs. 20 – Rs 100 (~$2) and you come out of the saloon feeling like a million dollars :).. I will try to get some pictures next time..