And she kicks my arse again

Jhanvi and I ran the 2012 Chicago Hot Chocolate 15K today. This was the first race in the city after we officially became “suburbanites” last week. And let me tell you, that one needs to be highly (HIGHLY) motivated to haul themselves all the way to the city to run a race. And the fact that it was freezing didn’t help.

While the race it self was fun, I think the organizers did a terrible job with the package pickup expo and the post race party. It looks like they didn’t know what 40K people getting together in one place looks like. The expo tent could barely fit a 1000 people and folks had to stand ~2 hours in line to pick up the package in cold weather. And let me not tell you about the post race snack!!. Hopefully they will learn from this and make it a better event next year. Chocolate seems to motivate a whole lot of people (including me šŸ™‚ ).

And in other news, Jhanvi kicked my butt as usual and finished a whole 10 minutes earlier..

Jhanvi’s ResultsĀ 

My resultsĀ 

Us After the raceĀ 


The only thing that was abundant at the race šŸ™‚Ā