RESOLUTIONS : 2011 : May – September Update

After a long hiatus :).. here’s a quick update on my 2011 resolutions. In short.. NOT GOOD.. I haven’t made progress (in fact slid back) on any of the pending items.

  • Lose the gut
    • I have gained back nearly all the weight I lost.
    • I blame it mainly on my mother-in-law :).. She was visiting us for a couple of months and it is amazing what good home cooked food can do to you tummy :).
    • I passed the annual insurance discount health check (my cholesterol came down), but need to concentrate on losing the weight.
    • Here is the obligatory chart.. 
  • Increase traffic to Kudithipudi.Org
    • Again no progress.. haven’t written a lot and the traffic is plateauing as a result.
  • CISSP Certification
    • The books are serving as decorations for my bookshelves :).. Need I say more.

Thinks look pretty dark eh… Let’s see if we can turn them around. Anyone has ideas on how to stick to the plan?