HOW TO : Improve Jboss startup times

We run multiple applications in Jboss at my work and one of the applications used to take an inordinate time to come up. A typical application would take < 1 minute to get deployed and this particular application for some reason was taking ~7-8 minutes. We initially thought it was a bug in the code and gave hell to our development team :).. But on closer investigation, we found out that a feature we enabled in the Jboss server settings which allows content to be hosted on network storage was causing the issue.

I blogged the feature in Jboss to follow sym links here ( So essentially when Jboss was started, it was checking all the content in these network path to check for applications to deploy. And traversing a network share with 1000s of directories isn’t fun :)..

We fixed it by making a simple edit to the start up script. Here’s the psuedo code for the script

  1. Remove soft links to network share
  2. Start Jboss
  3. Put soft links to network share

And now the application starts in less than a minute :).

I guess there might be other elegant ways to do this. i.e. Configure Jboss to only deploy certain applications, but this did the trick for us :).