WordPress 2.1.x and FAlbum issues

I use the FAlbum plugin for WordPress to display pictures from my Flickr account on this site. When I upgraded WordPress (the publishing platform that powers this blog) to v.2.1.3 from v.2.0.9, I noticed that I couldn’t see pictures from my Flickr account on the site anymore. On further digging, I saw an error message in the admin page for FAlbum that the Flickr Key was not valid any longer. I tried to reauthorize FAlbum on Flickr, but that didn’t work either. Googling for the error message “( [stat] => fail [code] => 100 [message] => Invalid API Key (Key has expired)” didn’t turn up any useful pages. So, I tried something I haven’t done for a while :), I visited the support forums for FAlbum and found the issue right on the first page. It looks like Flickr had expired FAlbums Key for some reason without any explanation. The author suggested using a new key and I was up and running in a few minutes. Just a reminder, that Google is still not the omni persent God :).

Now, you can go back to enjoying “My Pictures” :).