Party time..

I think it is high time I started using Flickr to post my pictures. I take a ton of pictures (yes, I am one of those crazy guys, that carry a camera on them ALL the time) and haven’t found a way to share them with friends and family without maxing out the traffic on my hosted site. I have been looking at all the photo sharing, social tagging sites such as flickr, fotki, hello for quite some time, but never got around to creating an account and using them. I don’t like sites that require you to register just to look at pictures (kodak!!). We have too many accounts as it is, without having to register on a site just to look at some photos.

Long post short :).. Here is the first attempt to start logging my pictures online. The link to my pictures on flickr is

P.S: If anyone wants me to delete their photos, pls shoot me an E-mail at vinay at kudithipudi dot org. Thx.