Venturing into the unknown

I am a Google fanboy. And I don’t make a secret of it :). All the smartphones I have ever carried are Android based, unless you count the Blackberry as a smartphone. All my tablets are Android based. My personal domain is served by Google Apps. I use Google Analytics to report on the traffic to this blog.

You get the picture.. I love all things Google 🙂

Today, I have made a pretty radical decision. Radical, considering my history and association. I am going to use an iPhone and iPad for the next 60 days. And then I am going to use a Windows Phone and Windows Tablet for the following 60 days.

Why you ask? I think it is important for every technology executive to try offerings from all the major players in the market. You might your personal preferences, but you should at least experience what your customers are experiencing when they use the technology on a daily basis.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it dogfooding, since I am not developing (or involved in) these devices, but you have to have a good understanding of the different offerings out there. Yes, you can read the reviews, but experiencing it on your own is quite different.

I will be blogging the results of this experiment soon :).