Viva la resistance

I have a confession to make.. I like Big Macs and Krispy Kreme Donuts :). And they have contributed heavily to the increase in my .. hmm.. how do I say this.. mid section :). Plus, it doesn’t help that there is a Krispy Kreme factory and a McDonald’s right on my way to work. And add on to the fact that I haven’t been running for the last year or so, I am proud to say that I have joined the >65% of Americans that are obese.

On my way to work yesterday, I was thinking about what shape (physically) I would be in when Virat grows up. I am sure he doesn’t want to have a dad that can’t play some hoops with him :).

So here’s my 2 month resolution. I am starting with a couple of months because there is a good chance that it might become a habit and then go from there :).

  • Exercise for 30 minutes a day (7 days a week)
  • Eat dessert only once a week
  • No krispy kreme
  • No Big Mac
  • No fries
  • No pop

For every pledge I break, I am going to leave work at 5:00 PM for a week. Believe me when I say that is a tough punishment :). You see.. I love what I do :).

Viva La Resistance!!!