HOW TO : Fix Jboss startup script for CentOS

Quick note for myself on fixing the default startup script provided by Jboss to work on CentOS. Thx to Shankar to finding the solution.

The default startup script (/$JBOSS_HOME/bin/ that Jboss provides does not work properly in CentOS. The start option works fine, but when you try to stop Jboss, it gives you a “No JBossas is currently running” message and quits.

Here’s a quick way to fix it. Edit the file and replace

[code]JBOSSSCRIPT=$(echo $JBOSSSH | awk ‘{print $1}’ | sed ‘s/\//\\\//g’) [/code]


[code]JBOSSSCRIPT=$(echo $JBOSSSH | awk ‘{print $1}’)[/code]