RESOLUTIONS : 2011 : March Update

A bit late on posting my monthly updates :). I blame it on the travel to India and poor connectivity. Here come the updates

  • Lose the gut.
    • I continue to lose weight thanks to the simple diet technique. My lowest point so far is 179.6lbs.. That is nearly 15lbs lower than my max weight this year!! :). Here’s a graph of my daily weight.
    • I haven’t been exercising as much as I used to. Although I have multiple excuses, I don’t think it matters. I should just suck up and stick to the plan. I think my travel to India in April is going to hinder the progress. But I promise to get back on track.
  • Increase traffic to
    • This is probably the one goal that I haven’t done a good job making progress on. Although I intended to write several new posts, I didn’t manage to publish them. Here’s a snapshot of March 2011 traffic compared to 2010. It is higher, but not at the level where I want it to be at.
  • CISSP Certification
    • Although I did not make direct progress on this goal, I was able to improve my knowledge and network in the security arena by attending the Netsecure ’11 seminar arranged by IIT.
  • Vacation
    • Jhanvi and I are going to be in India in April for 3 weeks. So expect a ton of pictures 🙂 in the next few weeks.