Free PDF editor

There are tons of free tools to create PDFs. Some of the ones I use on a regular basis are

  1. PDFCreator (
  2. PDF addon for Microsoft 2007 (
  3. PDF save option in OpenOffice (

Now.. thx to the good folks at Sun, you can edit PDF files too for free now. Although this is not full fledged PDF editing, you can make simple text changes and move blocks of texts around.

You can get a free PDF editor solution by

  1. Download OpenOffice 3.0 at
  2. Download the PDF Import Extension at
  3. Install OpenOffice (pretty simple click next process)
  4. Install the PDF Import extension, by launching OpenOffice and adding the extension by going to Tool -> Extension Manager in the file menu
  5. Open a PDF file, edit, save and enjoy.

Love Open Source :-)..