Europe : First trip : Thoughts

I recently got the chance to visit Barcelona, Spain for a business trip. Being my first real trip (I have had a lot transit layovers), I was really excited about the trip. Did it live up to my expectations? Yes and No.

  • Architecture : One word.. beautiful!!!
  • Food : Two words.. healthy and small portions.
  • People : Friendly
  • Public Transportation : Clean, Efficient, Affordable
  • Technology : I personally thought that the technology in US was more advanced.

And yes, Europeans wear suites to a football game :). But then, I guess, I shouldn’t be generalizing after just visiting one city in Europe.

If you get a chance to visit, Barcelona, I would highly recommend visiting the Barri Gotic (old part of the city with Gothic architecture) and Sagrada Familia  (unfinished cathedral by Guadi). And don’t get intimidated about taking the public transportation. It is easy to figure out and the people are very friendly.

And do ensure that you have a ton of money :). With the exchange rate at today’s rate, it is not cheap to visit Europe :)..

Here are some pictures from the trip. For a complete list, click here.

The Hotel, I stayed at

Hotel Hesperia Presidente

Subway station in Barcelona

Door knob on an old building

Graffiti (it seemed to be everywhere and apparently is considered art here)

Column (with Christopher Columbus at the top)

Street Musician

Ecofriendly taxis 🙂

The Cathedral

Paella (the real deal)