Vegas Trip : Day 1

What a day!! :).Highlights of the day.

Airport : Sucks!! I guess I just had a lot of expectations for the airport. It was dingy, smoky and dark. And I got the first glimpse of the “addicted” gamblers. The ones with the weary, worn out look on them. At least that is my theory :). Naveed thinks that I am crazy..

The Strip : One of the most magnificient creations of the human race!! Regardless of what one is told, I don’t think anyone is prepared for the “garishness” of the strip. It is bright, it is loud, it is large and it is addicting :).

The Hotel : I think this was one of our (or the only!!) bad decision for the trip. We decided to skimp on the money a bit and decided to stay at CirusCircus. As soon as we dropped off at the hotel, we were surprised at the lenght of the line for registration. It took me ~40 minutes to get to the counter. And then, we were offered a “smoking room”!!! because they didn’t have any non-smoking left. Me being the “take-whatever-you-get” type, just took the keys. When we went to the room, Naveed was like “Hell no!!!, we are not staying here”. He called the frontdesk and gave them a piece of his mind (him being smoke allergic and all!! 🙂 ). Surprise-Surprise-Surprise, the hotel suddenly found a non-smoking room for us. The rooms are still not something one would be excited about… I would not reccomend “CircusCircus” to anyone going to Vegas. Unless, you are there just for “gambling” :)..

Breakfast : We had breakfast at the “Bagel Store” in Circus Circus. Made plans for the day and had some bagels.. Hmm.. creamcheese. Shailah wanted to go the Spa and the rest of us decided to run some errands and get tickets for some shows. We planned on meeting up at noon.

Morning Fiasco : So, my IPod Nano decided to take a crap recently. It just wouldn’t start up. A “” error message shows up when booting it. Formatting it or restoring it, didn’t help. Hearing about Apple’slegendary support, I decided to take it to the apple store in Vegas. We had to wait for ~1.5 hours, but they swapped my Nano without any questions. Kudos to the apple support team.

Afternoon : Went to Wal Mart to get a camera for the trip.. here is one of my most memorable shots from the trip..

I know..I know!! It is crazy… Don’t ask, why we have to have the anonymous shot :).