Swimming-Japanese Lessons

I live in the wonderful state of Hawaii and I can’t swim!! My friends have been having a ball about this for sometime. I decided to rectify this by learning to swim. So I call up the local YMCA and find out that they have swimming lessons for adults [me] :). Lessons start on Jan. 10. If there are no postings after that date, you know what happened :).

On the same note, I have always been fascinated with Japanese culture and language. I like the way the Samurai masters speak in the movies. Such authority and command. Well, I was in the local library the other day and came upon a brochure for the local community school. $40 for an introductory course to speaking Japanese!!! Classes start on the 26th of Jan. I hope after the course, I can enjoy my anime‘ in their original glory.

It is amazing how many resources (and not expensive either) one can find if you only know where to look.