Scratchpad for ideas (that I happen to have too many of 🙂 ). Unfortunately, I haven’t been disciplined so far in implementing them. Documenting them here so that I have a list to work through or hopefully they provide inspiration to some random visitor.

Most of the ideas are centered around technology because that is what I love and work in.

  1. Build a multi threaded application to ping top 1 Million popular websites listed by Amazon Alexa Majestic ( Want to do this to
    1. Utilize multiple technologies (language, database, os, hosting provider etc) to come up with a cost effective way to craw 1 million sites.
    2. Bring down the cost and speed to do this so that it can be done on a regular basis (daily) and develop some analytics from the data collected through the pings.
    3. I believe there is an existing commercial service that does this already.. but can’t find the link now :).
  2. Build a website to gather data around when you have a drink. Tag the cost of the drink to a hypothetical investment in the S&P 500 index fund and see how much drinking is costing over time 🙂