Cooking with Soy

Am planning to experiment cooking with Soy (soya) granules, which is considered a good alternate for meat, since I became a “temporary” vegetarian :).  Although it is a cheaper and healthier way to get protein than mean, I am not sure why it never gained more popularity.

This receipe site by  Aarthi is a source of great inspiration. 

Chukka Soya Chunks Curry (Meal Maker)

Look forward to sharing the results of my experiment 🙂

2 Replies to “Cooking with Soy”

  1. Are you still a “temporary vegetarian ” ? hahaha… i eat animals so that i can save planet from global warming !!! Thus by not destroying the plants> 😛

    1. :).. I am Cantonese dude.. I eat everything with four legs other than a table and everything with wings other than an airplane :).

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